Market at Colonnade seen on a National Stage

The Market at Colonnade and its Innovative Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) was featured in an Op-Ed piece in a recent addition of Urban Land Magazine (January/February 2014).  

The article, “How to Manage Stormwater as a Resource” was co-authored by Mark Peternell, Vice President for Sustainability of Regency Centers, and Patrick Smith, P.E. of S&EC, and provides insight into the financial viability of green infrastructure projects such as Colonnade.

The Colonnade project was also showcased in the Spring edition of Development Magazine by Sam H. Black a past chairman of the Washington D.C., Smart Growth Alliance.  The article, “Better Stormwater Management – For a Better Bottom Line”, highlights initiatives taken by developers and commercial property owners across the U.S. at a variety of sites.

The Market at Colonnade was also used as an instructive case study in the recently published “Designing Rainwater Harvesting Systems” (Wiley 2014) by Celeste Novak, Eddie Van Giesen, and Kathy DeBusk.  The book focuses on the current and future integration of rainwater harvesting into building systems and the ever increasing need for a focus on the most precious resource we call water.

The case study describes Regency Centers’, the project developer, desire to lead the way in a comprehensive approach to stormwater management.